The Islamic Republic of Iran is deliberately destroying Iran's ecosystem and financially benefiting from constructing nonstandard dams. Iran had only about 27 dams before the 1979 revolution, but that number has increased to 20 times more after the revolution, with 588 dams and 137 more dams under construction. Iran has been grappling with drought and water scarcity, and the construction of dams is exacerbating environmental conditions. As a result of these dams, which are only being built for government profit, notable lakes and natural water resources in Iran have completely dried up. Water scarcity poses a real danger for the future of Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran refuses to allow any environmental experts to address the issue. Instead, government officials, particularly extremist mullahs, see "prayer" as the primary solution for the crisis. Their response to the problem is to pray and wait for God's will.

Choreography: Tina Bararian

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