Benumbed is a dance performance video that deals with the complications and complexities of a relationship, experienced by two ordinary people. The protagonists battle with their
emotions and are uncertain about the choices they make. In the beginning the girl character is indifferent toward the affections of the male character, but she gradually falls into his world to a point that she is willing to go alongside with him blindfolded. But the steering wheel of control and power exchanges between the two characters throughout the video. They both give in to one another and control each other at different times, creating a shift of power between them.
The video explores, the relative nature between affection and estrangement. It explores the forthright battle between two souls, who are fighting for each other’s attention and yet disregarding it at the same time. They fight and struggle to maintain their bond and yet they seem
baffled in retaining it.

Concept:Tina Bararian

Director/Choreographer: Tina Bararian

Dancers: Sam Abosh, Tina Bararian

Videographer/ Editor: Rojin Shafiei

Music: Shahab Paranj

Photo by Rojin Shafiei

January 2020

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