Tina Bararian is an award-winning modern dancer, choreographer, and actor. She holds degrees in Film Studies from York University and Dance Performance from George Brown College. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from York University, Tina moved to New York City to advance her studies at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. Upon graduating from the Graham School in 2023, Tina founded her own dance company in New York and premiered her first piece, 'Not Here,' at the Spoke The Hub residency, where she was honored with the People's Choice Artist Award. She is also the visionary curator and founder of "Dancers Of Iran," a global artistic project and platform dedicated to showcasing dancers of Iranian descent, created in response to the prohibition of dance in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Tina's work often incorporates breath work and silence, delving into abstract forms of body movement, the complex relationship between mind and body, and the rich narratives of ancient Persian mythology.

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