J'attends Le Temps

J'attends Le Temps/ I wait for the time is a video installation that deals with the notions of inertia and the stoppage of time as experienced by an anonymous protagonist. In the video, time in its various states is represented by three clocks affixed to a black-clad figure. Fixed in the present moment, the performer moves through an inert and repulsive frozen landscape.  This video explores the relative nature of time's passage and troubles its conception as uniform and straightforward. The image of a place appears frozen in one's memory whereas time's forward motion continues outside the viewer's personal sphere.
P.S. The following photos are the live interactive performance of J'attends Le Temps in OBORO 2018 event.
Concept: Rojin Shafiei
Video Performer: Holly Timpener
Live Performer: Tina Bararian
Production: OBORO


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